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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Playful Dots

Hi, im back after had very busy day. This time, i gonna show you about my dots design for nail. For first mani, i started with a base coat from Pixy, then put a line of pink, red, and purple anywhere i want (they placed different of each nail)  and then i put any white dots on the colors. And for last, i used top coat from Pixy.

Put some different colors : red. pink, purple

And then, put some dots on the colors

And for 2nd mani, i started with base coat from Pixy, then make above-line with different color of each nail, then make some black dots and flower. The last i used a top coat from Pixy.
For above-line, colors i used :
Red - Pixy
Purple - Eternally
Green - Eternally
9 Lady Blossom - Maybelline
Dark Brown - Pixy
For dots and flower, i used black from unknow-brand polish.