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Thursday, November 25, 2010

3 Flowers

Feels so long time since the last time i updated the blog. Well, ive got alot of work to do so had very little time to write new post. This time, the manicure is about flower again. I still havent get improve creating flower style yet. Honestly, i was going to make dolls expression but oh it was fail at all lol. I thought it was easy to make till i got no idea how to make the lips of the doll lol.

So, I started with base coat from Pixy, then a coat of Tough Buff from Sally Hansen, then i started make design by toothpick creating flowers. I used black from unknown brand-polish, green from Eternally, red from Pixy, and white from unknown-brand polish.

Here is the picture:

No picture of polish i used because i forgot to take any picture of them :(