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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sunny Day + Vanity Matte Look

Hello guys! How have you been doing? Today i just got back from Philadelphia. My husband and i had something important to do today and we went there yesterday and had lots of fun! I was so happy. And i will making post of it also.

I purchased inexpensive good eyeshadow palette from Wet n Wild. I picked "Vanity" which is natural colors. Love it. And i tried them couple days ago.

To start off as usual : primer , foundation, concealer and set the makeup with loose powder. And this is the "Vanity" eyeshadow palette and colors that i used for eyes :

i like this palette :)

Eyeliner :

Mascara : 

Filling the eyebrow with :

the color looks like dark brown

For cheek :

For lips :

i like the combination of these 2 colors.

And for this curl hair i used "non heat" methode from bubzbeauty! This is the video : 

try this! it does really work!

And of course the sunny day :D

Ok guys, hope you enjoy this post! Thanks for viewing! :)