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Friday, February 10, 2012

NYX 3 Color Eyeshadow TS 16

Hello ladies. I have new swatches of eyeshadow that i recently got for free from amazon. It didnt cost me anything! Also, not only the eyeshadow, i picked up red case for my htc for free on amazon. So if you are wondering how in the world i got this for free, i will explain more details after this post. Because im so excited to swatching this!

"NYX 3 Color Eyeshadow TS 16 (Opal / Platinum Silver / Luster) "

They are shimmery colors but im glad they are not too shimery. And i think "Platinum Silver" turn out like it has little bit blue in it. I was expecting it to be really silver without any blue but its okay. I still love the colors and my fave one is luster! :)

Well, i cant wait to play with these :) and im going to wear these colors alot. Anyway, i hope you enjoy this post. Bye :)

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