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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Introducing Swagbucks!

Hey everyone! As i told you in the previous post about i got my NYX Eyeshadow for free, today im going to share you little bit about its secret. Well, if you are a person who prefer to pay less for stuff like i am, you probably interested to do this.

Ok, so everyone have their own search engine whenever they searching something on internet such as google, yahoo search, etc. Instead of using them, i use "Swagbucks". What is it? Here is the descriptions from the web : is an online portal dedicated to helping you earn digital dollars called "Swag Bucks", which can be redeemed for exclusive merchandise. So that what i have been doing. I searching any information and everything using Swagbucks and the first step you have to do is sign up here This is perfect for you who prefer pay less for stuff, or if you are on tight budget or even to buy presents! :) I love to redeem my Swagbucks into Amazon gift card.

Anyway, this is how it works:
Basically you can earn your Swagbucks with just doing these :
1. Searching the web ( i could earn from 5-28 SB and when there is a common holiday, they usually give you over 20 SB for searching. It needs couple time to search BUT dont over do it. Just searching when you need to because if you do it over and over sometimes you wont get SBs.
2. Trusted Surveys ( i almost never done this, im too lazy to answer bunch of questions :P)
3. Shopping in their shop and Earn Mall
4. Voting in Daily Polls ( they will reward you 1 SB)
5. Sending in Prize Photos and Videos
6. Watch Videos
7. Inviting your friends to join
8. Completing Special Offers
9. NOSO (you dont have to fill out the forms, if you want to just click skip to every forms and type whatever code appear then you will got 2 SB)
10. Finding Swag Codes ( i tell you where you will get every codes , just bookmark "SBCodez" you wont miss every code if you follow their FB SBCodez )
11. Trading in Cell Phones and Video Games

I know it is not much you can earn to redeem the prize and might take long time but i think its just useful and great tool to saving more money :) And unfortunately, i dont think Swagbucks can used for people who live in Asia, i believe it can used for people live in US and Canada. I dont know about Europe. I've been using this for about almost a year now and knew this from my sister.

This is stuff i got from Swagbucks :

i got this for free because my amazon gift card really cover the whole price :D So what you got to do is earn then redeem. You can redeem with anything you want either it's stuff or stores gift cards. And actually i got red phone case too but i didnt take picture of it, i forgot!

For signing up and more information click here . Thank you so much for Swagbucks!

"SO, Have you ever heard about Swagbucks? If yes please share some experinces! "