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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Philadelphia Visit

Hello guys. How are you doing today? Hope you guys had a great day! Today was pretty busy for me and we just got home from China Buffet. It's my favourite place to eat for all of the times! Ok, so like i said in last post , we had very short trip to Philadelphia last Tuesday. I had wonderful time there! I wanna go back :D

We went from home around 1.30 pm. And one thing made me really sad that time was we had to leave our dog overnight by herself. We couldnt get someone to help us watching her so we put her crate outside and cover with plastic, fill up her bowl with foods and water, make sure she has everything she needs.

ready to go! :D 

That day was really beautiful and very sunny outside :) 2 hours driving and finally arrive at our hotel. When we got inside, i was impressed with the awesome beautiful room. It has everything! 3 closets, lots of mirror, kitchen, dining table, TV, comfy couch, and the bed. Little pics of our hotel room :

There is no more picture of other parts of the hotel room because we already made a mess  of them :P

Haven't been 5 minutes in the hotel room, we decided to explore the city by walking! Lol And of course taking pictures! :D

We went walking through china town and stopped in sushi restaurant to have dinner. The restaurant didnt have much light. So it was kind of dark and i didnt bring the digital camera with me so i didnt have chance to get the pictures :( Then we walking to Asia Supermarket and buy lots of asian foods and snacks. It was pretty cheap! 

Then the sky getting dark , we dont remember which way to go back to hotel so we had to use GPS from my phone lol. Walking about 10 minutes or so we finally found our hotel again. Soo tired!

take everything off and i just went to the bathroom to get nice warm bubble bath!

i got compliment from a lady in the street when we were walking because of this red necklace! love this necklace! 

The Philadelhia City at night :

took the picture from the window that has screen on it so the picture look like this :(

After bubble bath, i didnt stay up too late because i was so tired and need to wake up in the next morning for important appoinment that we had to attend! The appointment was 8.30 am so we woke up at 6.30 am because i had to drink coffee then get prepared to packing, check out and everything! Felt little sad have to leave the hotel and city that day :(. This is the view of the city from the hotel room. 

if it didnt have screen on the window, the picture will look much more beautiful. very beautiful city view!

The left building is the place we had appointment. After everything done, we just go back to the our home.

I wish it didnt that short visit. We didnt have choice, my husband has to back to work in the couple next day and we cant leave Lolly that long either but definitely will be back again to this beautiful city for some longer time! :)