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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some of my new nail stuff

Hi everyone. Today im going to show you some of my new nail stuff that i bought last week. I got some polishes. Again. Never cant control myself from not to buying more polishes when going out. And also, i bought manicure hand scrub at Bath and Body Works. The hand scrub smells sugar and nice :)

yiiihaaaa i got another OPI again lol

So there are 3 nail polishes, 1 nail art, and 60 Second Manicure Hand Scrub (True Blue Spa).

Okay now im going to show you these gorgeous colors. 

Essie (  Nice is nice )

2 coats of Nice is nice without top coat.

OPI ( Bronzed To Perfection)

2 coats of Bronzed To Perfection with top coat.

Milani ( 506 Rad Purple )

i am really dissapointed with the colour, as you can see the colour definitely different with the bottle of polish.

2 coats of 506 Rad Purple with top coat.

Milani Nail Art ( 703 Black Sketch )

Sorry for no picture of nail design that use this nail art. But i already created 2 nail designs with this nail art and will be shown soon! And this nail art works fine :)

True Blue Spa (60 Second Manicure Hand Scrub)

So this is what i got from Bath and Body Works. I dont know why they named it True Blue Spa as i dont see any blue on this product :P but anyway the packaging looks interesting!

I like this product. The sugar smells nice and i think this is work good :)

Okay i got to go to enjoy my dinner. Thanks for viewing! :)