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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Review : Urban Decay De Slick Makeup Setting Spray

Hello beauties! Im back with review post on UD De Slick Makeup Setting Spray. This post has requested by my beautiful fellow Indonesian Beauty Blogger - Ririe Prameswari from Sweet Therapy . She writes nice beauty posts as well, check her out here . Here you go girl, hope everyone enjoy and find this post somewhat helpful! 

I picked this up a while ago from Sephora in the small size. 

Packaging : Nothing fancy, just a slim white bottle that feels abit like rubber with gray letters along with the cap. I am not sure though why they provide double caps in clear white plastic and gray one. More hygienic purpose? Maybe.  

It says on the back of the directions of application. I usually go with "X" formation.

I took the details picture from Sephora website, click here to go straight to the link. 
The mist itself feels so refresing, cooling down the skin and dries pretty quick. 

Into the application :

  • There are 2 ways i usually love to start using this spray. Either spray directly to your bare moisturized face or spray it to the other side of makeup sponge ( clean one of course ) like i do in the picture below :

  • After you spray them , dot your face with your regular bb cream / foundation and blend them out with damp makeup sponge that we sprayed earlier. Then i do my regular face routine, in this point include foundation, contour, and blush. After i get my makeup halfway done like this in the picture below :

  • Then again, i spray my face with makeup setting spray to lock all the masterpiece i did. lol It feels so good on skin! :) 

  • Then when my makeup has completely done, this is the last spray ill do again. 

  • Of course your face will look wet but it all dries up pretty quick and it lock everything in place. 

Im sorry that i don't have pictures to compare the before and after couple hours to really see how this setting spray works on my skin. But surely i will give my fully honest thoughts on it.

General thoughts :
  • Works great to mist your eyeshadow brush for more intense color in applying eyeshadow.
  • My skin starts to look dewy / slightly shine through after 5-6 hours straight indoor building, which i don't really complain cause really my skin is extremely oily! 
  • I have to touch up my makeup once throughout the day within total 8-9 hours wearing them. 
  • Great to give myself a facial cool mist during the heat day when i need to after touching up or blotting my makeup. 
Price : 
  • 1oz : $14 
  • 4oz : $30 
All prices i mentioned is based in US. Im not quite sure the price ranges between other countries in the world :/ 

Repurchase : at the moment no, because i would love to explore and find other makeup setting spray that would really mattifying my makeup all day. But in the future, i might repurchase this because i hardly can resist the feeling "oh so good" to my skin when i spray this stuff! 

Pros :

  • Doesn't smell bad
  • Gives such refreshing and cooling feel to the skin
  • Not only to set and lock your makeup in place, but this spray works great in giving more intensity for eyeshadow
  • I never experienced any breakout in my skin. 
Cons :
  • Expensive 
  • Doesn't prevent my makeup from oiliness after around 5 - 6 hours. 

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