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Monday, July 14, 2014

Review : Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream SPF 50+ For Face

Hello everyone! I honestly never worn any specific face sunscreen under my makeup. I usually wear bb cream / foundation or moisturizer that contains spf in it. But i been watching Christine aka xteener on youtube for a long time and many times i saw her wearing Shiseido Sunscreen prior her bb cream/ foundation routine. She says it keeps her skin matte for longer time since she has oily combo skin like i do, i figured to went to Sephora and bought one for myself. 

I picked the small size in 1.2 oz for $19.50 at Sephora. 

I took screenshot on product details from Sephora website, click here for more details! 

Packaging : it comes in tube squeeze form and i love the blue packaging to it. 

Texture/Formulation : A white thick cream with typical sunscreen smells. 

How My Makeup Holds with this sunscreen :

Application : A small dime sized. I basically put dots all of my face and spread them out with my fingers. It gives me slight white tint to my natural face color. 

Bare Face

Can you see a slight whit-ish tint on my face on the picture below? and the line marks between my hairline and my forehead?

Makeup done.

In this point, i have blotted my face once, i noticed a slight shine through my face around 5 pm and this is how my makeup look like around 8.00 pm. I think it looks great!

How My Makeup Holds without this sunscreen :

Makeup done.

In the afternoon, i went out to lake and haven't blot my face yet around this hour.

And around 3.00 pm i blotted my shiny face and this picture below how my makeup looks like around 6.30 pm. Can you see shines through my face? My T-zone got pretty oily!

Pros :

  • Non greasy feeling
  • Mattifying my makeup and make it last alot longer
  • Absorb to the skin fast
  • Good packaging 
  • Skin defense against excessive sun exposure (anti aging benefit)
Cons : 
  • Expensive
  • Unpleasant smells like typical sunscreen 
Have you tried this sunscreen? Let me know how is your experience with it. 

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