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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Haul : Walgreens Beauty Finds

Hi guys!

Walgreens have quite a few great deal on beauty section for this week. I checked the store out and found some good deals. Wet n Wild having 25% off and many beauty brands run buy one get 2nd 50 % off.  

  • Wet n Wild Comfort Zone 
This palette is my most fave amongst all the palettes!! This palette contain 8 satin / shimmers eyeshadows. Look at the color swatches! I think it is as pigmented as my Urban Decay palettes! The texture is very chalky and fall out but i dont complain for it as for what i paid. This palette orginally cost for $4.99 but i paid this for $3.74!!  

  • Floral Values Palette
I believe this palette is quite new release product from Wet n Wild. I had hard time swatching them because they are not as pigmented as the others. I had to layers couple times swatch especially on the purple shade so the color would show. But the white shade has pretty good color payoff. Also many fall outs! But i think this palette would work for school/work days when you just want to have some color on your eyes without making it look overdone. It's really nothing pigmented like my Bh Comsetics / Urban Decay shadows. I dont know what the originally price for this palette but this also discounted 25% off and i have coupon $1 off but i paid this for $1.24!!! 

  • Walking On Eggshells
I know many people recommend this but i found this quite alright and very suitable for no makeup makeup. The brown shade swacthed very pigmented and nicely on my arm but when i put it on my crease, it's looks so sheer. But the other two shades are good and applied nicely on eyelid or for highlight under brow bone or tear duck. Same with other two palettes i picked, the texture is very chalky and so many fall outs. This palette originally cost for $2.99 but i paid this for $2.24!

  • Jordana BestLash Extreme Volumizing Mascara
I can't tell you alot about this mascara yet because honestly i just tried this once but I love the wand and brush. First time i used it, it seperate my lashes very well and make them look long.  I need to play this around more! I have a feeling i gonna love this mascara. This mascara originally cost me for 2.99 and i paid the regular price. 

Overall, for the deals and discounts , everything worth the money especially the Comfort Zone Palette is seriously a steal!

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