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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Beauty Tip : Organic Coconut Oil For Eye Makeup Remover

Hello girls. 

Im pretty sure alot of you already familiar with this natural alternative for removing eye makeup using natural oils! These days, i have been trying to put "organic/natural" stuff into my life as much as i could. Now i have discovered new ways to remove my eye makeup and never have going back to my old way ever since.

You can use any other natural oils to removing your eye makeup, no necessarily has to be coconut ones. I have tried olive oil before and that worked very well also. But because im using organic coconut oil for my daily cooking so this is what im using. 

The complete eye makeup on along with ton coats of waterproof mascara! 

Using the small spatula, this is how much ammount i take for each eyelid. The oil looking in solid form, once you warm it up with your fingers, it will just melt away.

And go ahead, just rubbing the oil gently to each eye area where there is makeup on , focusing on the tough waterproof mascara! Looks gross? i agree with you.

In this step, you can right away rinse them off with water, follow along with your facial cleanser, or you can have them off with facial wipes. It comes off very easy in one swipe. 

Now all clean without any black-ish residue stuff under your eye where i tend to had when i removed them with eye makeup remover i used to buy in the market.  

Pros :
  • Doesn't sting / irritate my eyes at all 
  • Very natural and safe for the skin
  • Saves alot of money
  • Big jar last a long run
Cons :
  • You will feel "blurry vision" little bit when have the oil against the eye

How do you remove your eye makeup daily? Any good recommendation for eye makeup remover in the market that won't sting or irritate the eye in case i gonna have to use for traveling? Let me know in the comments!

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