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Friday, January 31, 2014

DIY : Nail Polish & Perfumes Display Stand

Hello guys.

Another DIY again. This one is so easy, pretty and affordable! I love affordable things. Well this one inspired by so many beauty youtubers and i am pretty sure you might already pretty familiar with this project.

So i used to love collecting nail polishes in the past and had all them stored in one container. That wasn't working that well for me. First of all, it was quite heavy and you have to open the lid up to see all colors i have. Until one day i found this great idea on youtube to make nail polish & perfumes display stand. I am so in love because it looks pretty and very neat looking.

Things you gonna need : 
Im sorry there is always something i forgot to include in the picture.. :/ 

I got 2 plastic tray with different size and 2 candle holders from dollar tree. So, obviously they are $1 each. Oh yes i know what a steal! 

So to start :
1. Grab one of candle holders, go ahead glue the top part of it.
2. Place the bigger tray on, wait until the glue dry and cooling down. 
3. Grab the 2nd candle holder, place it in the center of the bigger tray with the glue gun 
4. Glue the top of the 2nd candle holder, and place the last tray which suppose to be the smaller tray. 
5. You are done!

There you have it, all you gotta do now fill in this pretty stand with your colorful stuff! Or even jeweleries! I think it would look so cute too. 

So let me know if you have made this kind of diy! Thank you for checking this post out! Have a wonderful day :)