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Monday, March 12, 2012

Cooking of these past 2 days

Hello guys, if you followed or noticed on another blog that i own (On My Nail) i mentioned that i been super busy 2 days ago that cause delaying of new post for manicure. Click here if you interested to see my recent manicure.

Well, i figured to sharing some of foods that i cooked of these past 2 days. That was really tiring because we have small kitchen so if i cook over 2 meals for a day, i would end up having no spaces left for preparation and putting stuff. So alot of washing dishes are required here and of course you know its pain in the butt.

Anyway i cooked some indonesian/chinese foods that my mom used to cook when i was teenager and other foods.

1. Stir fry tofu with bokchoy and eggs served with rice - i missed these simple meal very much. I kind of realize tofu is so precious to me now. Its yummy and pricey.

2. Venison Stew ( this is deer meat stew ) - deer meat is actually taste good , we got this from one of my husband's coworkers. Her husband recently did hunt deer so we got alot this stuff :D

3. Garden Salad - we have comitted to have at least once a day have veggies. I hated it in the beginning now i start to love this and love this even more now :)

And this one is Homemade Italian Salad Dressing. I know this looks creepy and pathetic but this taste pretty good :D you have to shake this up to get all seasoning together before use it.

The last one is my most favourite and essential part of salad : Homemade Herbs Garlic Cheesy Croutons. This stuff is quite expensive for one bag at the grocery store. It's way much cheaper make your own.

4. Chocolate Chip Cookies - this is for my snacks whenever i feel little hungry during the day or night. i know it sounds not that good knowing of calories and blablabla but i just want to make this. And if you eat no more than 3 during 4-5 hours, it should be fine i guess? :)

it was still in the oven!

yay cookies done! 

5. Mun Tofu / Mun Tahu - served with rice. I didnt put chicken or beef in it like it suppose to because all the meat still frozen in the freezer and really didnt feel like to defrost them. :)

Okay guys that is all for today. Hope you enjoy this post. Thanks for viewing! Bye :)