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Friday, April 29, 2011

Review : ULTA, Sinful Colors, L.A. Colors, and Nail Art

Hello everyone :) I been feeling that i start to lack of ideas and mood in making new nail design. Yesterday i made one though, because wanted to open the stuff from the packaging, then decided to paint 4 other fingernails on my left hand.

So today, i have 3 nail polishes swatches and 2 L.A. Colors Nail Art.

First one im going to show you is "Femme Fatale" from ULTA. I got this nail polish from my sister who lives in Mississippi. She knows i do love nail polish and she has one which she never used then gave it to me eventually. Yay :)

Im so sorry the quality of the picture is very poor :(

2 coats of "Femme Fatale" from ULTA

And these are new haul i got yesterday :

I love Sinful Colors nail polishes. They pretty cheap in price and good too :) And i got L.A. Colors Nail Art which is only $1 in Dollar Tree and i love those glitters :)

" Let's Meet" 928 - Sinful Colors :

2 coats without top coat

"Let's Talk" 929 from Sinful Colors :

Dissapointing pictures, they looks kind of blue which is actually purple metalic. I always have problem when i take picture of purple polish, it always turns blue in picture, do you think so? or is it just my thought? Well, i really love this colour in real though. This just become my favourite nail polish!

The last ones is L.A Colors Nail Art that i already created a design with.

So for this design i used 2 coats of "Femme Fatale" from ULTA as base colour. And then BNA503 - Gold Glitter from L.A. Colors that i used for lining the green triangle. And for triangle, i used BNA509 - Green Glitter" from L.A. Color.

Okay guys, this is all the posting for tonight! Hope you like it :)

Thanks for viewing. Have a good night!