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Friday, January 28, 2011


Hi everyone! I been enjoying real quick internet connection here! Wow never had this great internet connection when i was in Indonesia! :D I really love here.

Okay tonight im going to show you nail art that i done. I call it "colours nail art". I used my new nail polishes! :D My fiancee gave me christmas presents. They are 20 nail polishes with different colours which made me very happy and exciting to play them, 1 nail dryer, and a set of nail art brushes. I really love them :)

Okay here it is the nail art

Sorry, the lighting wasnt perfect.

These are what i used :

-Blue Mood 134 - Love My Nails
-Kream Cicle 201 - Nina
-Mint Jelly 138 - Nina
-Seduce Red 108 - Love My Nails
-BK901 - The Faceshop

4 of them are my new polishes :)

"Colours Nail Art"