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Friday, March 27, 2015

Sephene Jewelry

 I received cute gifts in my mail from my dear friend Angela Desisca a week ago. She has her own jewelry line on etsy, its called Sephene Jewelry. When she told me i could pick anything i want from her etsy page, i was so excited schooling through her jewelries collection. Everything is handmade and have cute designs. I picked one blue bracelet with gold bar design and turned out she sent me way more than i expected. Thank you so much Angela! I appreciate and love everything she sent me.

She didn't ask me to make a blogpost or anything to any my social medias, it's just me wanna share all these because i think they all are cute!

Handmade arm candy bracelets

Orange and Blue Evil Eye Bracelet - $7.50 USD

Royal Blue Gold Bar Bracelet - $7.50 USD

Tassel Bracelet - Patterned Royal Blue Bracelet with Black Tassel - $8.00 USD

Personalized Initial LOVE Bracelet - $8.50 USD

This one is my fave! It's initial love bracelet that actually my name and my husband's. How sweet of her to include this one in the package. :)

I have found they are so lightweight and comfortable to wear on daily basis. I been wearing them a lot to work and they don't bother me when i do a lot of stuff. Because they are so small, these are great for layerings with other bracelets. Their prices are good and great quality. Not only arm candy bracelets, they also selling other jewelries ( gemstone, beaded, vintage, etc )

Sephene Jewelry is based in Seattle, WA United States. In case your interested to order and check out what they have please visit
Facebook Page :
Instagram Page :

Thanks for checking out this post! Have a good day :)

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