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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Overnight Fishing

Hello from Biloxi! This was second time I went along with my husband to go overnight fishing. I was hesitate to go but i figured i would give this a chance. Surprisingly i was quite enjoying it. 

Outfit of the day / night! I went for casual and comfy, not forgot to mention i bring along my hoodie for chilly weather at night.

I tried to do some fishing and within an hour i gave up lol.

The sun started to setting and i love this view so much that i always have to take few pictures out of it!

I spent the rest of the night with my books, music and junk foods inside the truck while my husband enjoying himself in front of the water. Then in the midnight we drove to some stores to get myself a good pair of warm socks cause it was way too cold to handle and also some stuff he needs for fishing!

We got back to our spot, i fell asleep and in the morning....... this is the surprise i got! He caught a nice size of red fish! It was great overnight fishing trip!

Thanks for checking out this post! Have a wonderful day!

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