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Sunday, June 15, 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection

With flash ( refined golden & sea me, hear me)

without flash (refined golden & sea me, hear me)

With flash (pet me, please)

without flash (pet me, please)

With flash (mystical)

without flash (mystical)

Hey everyone! As you know this girl cant refuse any cutest packaging when it comes to makeup and i do realize, it's such a silly excuse to do a makeup purchase. I cant help it :/ And honestly i never really looked into mac stuff before until they released Alluring Aquatic Collection that caught my eyes so much.

So yes from the blush and lipsticks i purchased, they were actually my first Mac stuff i've ever own. Im so excited to try it.

Packaging : it has water drops details which is so special to me.  I find it so unique and never seen anything like that from any makeup items out there in the market. It's sturdy, i feel it has great quality and i can see it's worth my money to pay the whole products.

Longetivity : last a long time. Some lipsticks may need to re-apply after meals.

Extra Dimension Blush "Sea Me , Hear Me" ( $27.50)

  • I really wanted to loving this blush. Look at the swatch on my arm, how gorgeous the color turned out, for some reason, it doesn't show much on my cheeks at all. I usually build up the color by re-applying it like 3-4 times on my cheeks and it gives such beautiful glow that looks so natural and well matched sit above and blended with my bronzer. So don't be afraid applying this blush, it's not so pigmented, it suits for daily basis for no makeup makeup look. 
Bronzing Powder "Refined Golden" ($27.50)
  • I heard many people saying this is looking too orange-ish for a bronzer. For me, it don't really matter as long as it looking good on my skin and i think this bronzer such a hit for me. I love how the bronzer warms up my face. The pigmentation is great for some serious contour and i like that kind of look. It has golden sparkles where i was hesitant to pack it on my face but when i do, gosh i love how my skin looks! It looking so beautiful and i dont really notice bunch of sparkles going on my face. Totally a LOVE for me. 
Cremesheen Lipstick "Mystical" ($17.50)
  • I am so bad describing colors. But ok i wanna try to describe this lipstick. To me, it's like slight red mauve or maybe red plum that gives sheen finish. Days you wanna rocking red lips but dont wanna looking over the top, this has it. It reminds me of typical red you would find in most "rambutans" fruit. When you first apply it, it gives a tiny red pigment but after a while, the colors look more vibrant and im feeling a lady like. And this lipstick smells great!
Frost Lipstick "Pet Me, Please" ($17.50)
  • When i swatched this at store, i had no clue how i would wear this shade. But i still decide to pick this and find out later how to make it work lol. When i had my makeup done, oh it didnt look to weird! It gives strong frost finish but i always layer it up with another lipstick to make myself look not so dead. It works good with tanned skin tone in my opinion. Fair skin, im not so sure. And this lipstick smells great! 
Which one is your fave item from this collection? 

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