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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Weekend Trip : Beach Day!

I thought it was going to be an ugly cloudy day the beach... Kinda un-exciting feeling. But then we decided to just have fun anyway! 

Captured beautiful group of seagles just chilling and enjoy the nature. If these beautiful creatures can be just happy enough with the weather, why can't i? 

But then unexpected..... sun starts coming out! Yay!! Weather starts warming up too! 

The water was kinda cold, i just walked around the shores and start to feel the joyness of calm waves slapping against my feet.

Ackward Selfie with hubby. Lol The sun was too bright on our face!

I love the feeling being in the middle of water. So peaceful!

Hubby was swimming and enjoy himself in the water and i lay on the shores just to feel the coming waves. Thats my fave thing to do at the beach. It was around 4 hours long then we decided to grab something yummy and sinful to have for lunch...

Poboys Subs! I cant tell you how much i love this dish! They are so amazing, yummy, fattening and crunchy... I ordered 6" shrimp sub with fries! 

Can you see the crispy shrimp in it? 

 Gravy Cheese Fries!!! If you happened to see this dish listed on menu somewhere, you better give it a try! This is crazy delish!

It was a great day, my mind, soul and tummy were all happy! so is my hubby's.  

The we make quick stop at walmart for something then i cant resist not to get myself this cutie. How cute is that?! My new house key is hello kitty!! 

So what's your fave thing to do at the beach? Do you love to enjoy the water or just lay on the sand get some tan on, enjoy the sun with your fave music on and reading your book?

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