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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sisters Day Out (Sister's Selfies Overload)

Hello guys! I hope you guys have wonderful week so far! Mine is pretty good, and recently last week i went to visit my sister. We did same routine all over again whenever i visit her. Having good homemade asian lunch - shopping - take selfies - snacking - take foodies home - i go home. And we both enjoyed it!  

She made green coconut cake, we call this cake "Bolu Pandan" which is very authentic traditional Indonesia cake. Also, she made chicken + chinese noodle, served with hot soup of meatballs. We usually call it "yamien" (for the chinese noodle) in Indonesia. I really love visit my sister, having all this kind of food that make me feels like im home.

Then we went some stores, browsing around and picked some stuff. When we get back in the car, oh yeah selfie time! lol

We thought getting some nice chill drinks for this humid day. Since starbucks was only couple feet away, we ordered the lovely iced green tea latte! OMG ever since i drink this, im hooked! It's sooo good! 

 My OOTD at random boat in marine dealers haha.

Then last place we went of course Ulta, my fave store and i picked this. Review and swacthes are coming soon ;)

I hope this post isn't that boring! Thanks for reading :)
How did you guys spend your sister's day out? hit me up in the comments below! :)

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