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Saturday, April 13, 2013

March 2013 Faves!

I feel like it was yesterday i posted my February 2013 Faves and now this is the time already for me to do monthly faves post. I cant believe how time flies!

I apologize for poor quality of the picture as i took it with my phone. And i forgot to code each items by number on picture like i used to.

- Calvin Klein Makeup Bag
I been obssessed with my new makeupbag, i carry alot of stuff in it whether they are needed or not for most of the time when im out of the house.

-Conair Hot Rollers
I love this stuff so so so much, i incredibly loving it! I feel my hair looks sexy whenever i use this, feeling so bouncy!I made the review and tutorial , click here to check it out! I use these hot rollers once a week and leave my hair for another day and it still looks good!

- Rimmel Lipstick (Auburn Breeze)
First thought was looking like an old lady lipstick style and oh boy was i wrong! It looks so good on my lips especially in the winter time! I like the formula of it. The swatch :

- Lorac Blush/Bronzer Duo "Hot&Spicy"
I been wearing this alot. The color combo warm up my whole face. Very suitable for summer time! I have the review post, click here to check it out!

- Vanity Palette from Wet n Wild
A must have super afforfable eyeshadow palette. The price is so cheap with "ah-mazing quality". I use the two brown matte ones for filling my eyebrow everyday and the lighter ones for highlighting the bridge of my nose.

- Hairband and earrings!

Can you see how pretty the details on them? I got the headband from Walmart for $4.99 and earrings i got from JC Penney! Im obssessed with them. But i never wear them together at the same time because i think it's little too much!

What's your faves gals?