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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Thoughts | Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

Hello friends! It's time for pampering routine when I'm having a day off. Let's try new mask i purchased recently from the Skinfood. 

Watch the live video :

I love how new mask that haven't been touched yet. It looks so neat and i don't wanna touch it but i wanna try it so bad. So there i dip my clean finger in.

I can see lots of sugar-ish texture in it. It doesn't feel too hard / harsh on my skin. It has slight pleasant smells that my nose can handle.

I dab some on my cheek, forehead, nose and chin.

And spread it out evenly with gently circular motion.

The mask doesn't give me cooling sensation like many facial mask I've tried on before. It feels so sticky on my face. I let it sit on about 15 mins. The longer i have them sit on my skin, it starts itch.

After 15 mins, i washed it off and my face feels tighter, smooth and glowy. I don't think this mask moisturized my face that much though.

Overall, i like this mask. I prefer facial masks that give me cooling sensation because thats the ones i usually use. I think this mask is such good exfoliator with the sugar beads that don't feel really harsh on my skin. I definitely think this mask tighten up some of my pores, makes my skin so smooth and glowy. I would use this mask once a week for good exfoliating routine. The downside is this mask don't give me pleasant feeling when i had them on my face. It feels sticky and sugar beads make my skin feel slight itch.

However, the mask itself still works great and did good things to my skin! I bought it from Beautynetkorea, click here for the direct link. It costed me 10.49 USD for 100g in a jar.

Have you tried this mask? How do you like it on your skin? :)

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