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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hair Tutorial : Heatless Messy Beachy Waves

Hey everyone! 
Im sharing my heatless messy beachy waves that i have been doing a lot for years. This hairstyle is so easy, quick and healthy way to do for your hair. 

Watch the live video :

What you gonna need :

It's the best to do this with 70% dry hair, not completely dry. That way your hairstyle will last longer.

#1 Brush your hair gently until there is no tangles!

#2 Take first section of hair and start twisting away from your face, create a bun, and secure with hair clip.

#3 Take 2nd section of hair, twisting and create a bun. Secure it with a hairclip!

#4 Take last section of the hair, do the same thing like we did to two previous sections. This point, you want to take the twisted hair to upper part of the head, that way your head will sleep more comfortably on your pillow. Secure with a hairclip.

Your head will look like this.

Then go to sleep!

#5 The next morning, lets open the buns!

#6 Flip your head over and just scrunch them.

#7 I just put some texture gel to make the waves last longer and easy to style. And all done!

What do you think of this heatless curls?

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