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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Vacation Road Trip : New Orleans, Lousiana Part 2

Day 2.
Our schedule consists of :
  • Day Jazz Cruise in Mississippi River and Lunch buffet with Steamboat Natchez. 
  • Exploring French Quarter and French Market
  • Cafe Du Monde to tasting some beignets with cafe au lait
  • Walking along river on way back to hotel 
Got dressed and feeling excited in the morning!
Top : Ross Dress For Less
Highwaisted Short : Forever21
Pink Sneakers : Puma (from TjMaxx)

Hubby and I walk along the river to catch our boat. It was very bright sunny day which i always love to start my day.

Thats our steamboat we are going to cruise on! It costed us around $40 a person and i think it's not bad at all. We got exploring the river 2 hours long including lunch buffet.

Finally we made our way to the dock. And we just waiting on board. 

Looks like someone playing sort of piano instrument on the very top of the boat. It was quite entertaining. 

We got into the boat. We picked the upper level of the boat to get better view of anything.

Here we go, the boat started to move. Our first cruise experience begins!

Then 12 o'clock has come and we decided to go downstairs to have our lunch buffet. Small group of people in the corner are playing Jazz music as we having our lunch.

Back outside to enjoy the sightseeing.

Inside the boat, it has one room where all the engines work.

Finally we arrived back at the Ferry Terminal! It was great and pleasant experience. We are getting off the boat.

Time to exploring French Quarter & French Market.

Stopped by the famous St. Louis Cathedral. Look at the gorgeous ceiling! What an art!

We came across the beautiful stores that sells only Christmas stuff! I felt like i wanna buy everything.

Then we found French Market. It wasn't that impressive maybe because everything were overpriced. However, they got some cute stuff.

In front of the French Market.

Hubby and I get bored at French Market and stopped get 3 pcs of delicious beignets and a cup of "cafe au lair". And we walked along to the river on way home and stopped at the Riverwalk Outlet Mall.

And unexpected purchased were happening. Me be happier than ever. lol

What part of New Orleans you guys love the most to visit? :)

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